Update for Etsy

¬†Sometimes I enjoy making a certain style or experimenting so often, that I forget customers like to see different styles in the shop. So I revisited my Cirque series and made a capped and cored hollow in more muted colors. Very autumnal, I suppose- and at a reduced rate! (didn’t see the slight imperfection on one of the top bead caps, grrr)

Did I mention I’ll be at BABE! this year? So stoked! Reeeally missed going last year and seeing all the lovely people. If you’ll be going, stop by and say howdy. The table assignments will be coming out soon, I’m sure, and I’ll let you know where I’ll be ūüôā

New Gig and New Listings

¬†Can’t believe I forgot to blog/brag about my upcoming teaching gig! It will be at the fabulous Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, TX on the weekend of November 23-24th. Jim and Rose are pretty awesome people and I’m stoked that I’ll be teaching my first class in such a great environment. If you’re interested in signing up and learning all my secrets, just give them a call:¬†512-380-0770
 Also got a couple new listings posted to Etsy this morning:

Oh! and I’ll be at BABE! next month, too- woohoo! So many wonderful things coming up waaaay too soon.

Etsy Update

¬†I’ve been away from the torch for a few days due to a dying oxy con- looking forward to receiving my new one by the end of the week- woot!
In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get photos taken when the garage doesn’t feel like an oven on broil.. a little hard since we’re in San Antonio and it’s Sept. So here you go, a few new pieces for the Etsy shop.

Oops, how did I forget about these guys?!

New lighting solution for photos

 Back in the saddle with photographing beads-got my new light boxes from Doug Baldwin yesterday evening and they work great!

¬†The shot is a little dark looking since it’s in my garage, one nice thing is you can easily fold these up and store them in their respective pouches..but I’ll probably leave mine out since I’m always needing photos of my work, it seems. Had to clear off my desk top- these are large pieces as you can see with my lone bead sitting on my photo backdrop.

¬†Here are a couple better shots of my necklace that I wore to the Gathering- pardon my unraveling silk- didn’t have time to sew/secure it down before traveling.
¬†I was willing to splurge a little on these lights since avoidance of taking¬†pics for Etsy was becoming something of an unwilling sport! If this makes photographing a little easier, you can bet I’ll be all over it.