ISGB Gathering 2013

The end/beginning is drawing nigh

In the final stretch, shipping my box for the show tomorrow, need to make something to wear for myself. So excited to be seeing my beady people again, such a long drought of no meetings, interactions, etc. will have me soaking up the inspiration and conversation like a sponge!

New Work for the Gathering

 Still trying to get our nice Canon figured out to get the best pics- probably need a dedicated macro lens for that..wish I hadn’t put our smaller cameras in a ‘safe place’, hopefully they pop up soon.

These are some of my newest work, so excited to be taking them to the ISBG’s 21st Gathering in Rochester, NY on the 27th of this month! I’ve been experimenting with patinas, too, which is why my bead caps may look a little different- I’m really hoping they’re well received.
If you’ll be at the Conference or Bead Bazaar, let me know!- I’d love to meet you 🙂