Month: January 2013

More Moroccan Hollows

Still experimenting in this style- the metallic iridescence is difficult to convey in photos, much richer in person.


A Little Something I’ve Been Working On..

jan 9 quilt collage chartreuse and linen hst quilt by wandering spirit designs
jan 9 quilt collage chartreuse and linen hst quilt, a photo by wandering spirit designs on Flickr.

This is a half-square triangle quilt done in a herringbone pattern in Chartreuse shot cotton and natural mix linen. It’s a wonderfully graphic look that blends with traditional or modern.
When my in-laws were here over Thanksgiving they weren’t too sure about the color combo- but something told me this would look wonderful all done up- hopefully my cousin and his new wife love it as much as I do since this is a much belated wedding gift for them.
Unfortunately, the quilt hasn’t been shipped yet because the hand-carved stamps were impossible to find until today and was finally able to mark the backing.

So it’s 2013..

And I meant to put together a collage of some of my best work, moments, etc…but a madly teething baby is currently taking up most of my time. Maybe later..maybe.

 So here is a pic of what I’ve been working on these past few weeks when I’ve had the time. It’s going to be a very belated wedding gift to my cousin and his wonderful new wife. The quilt top is made up of half-square triangle blocks sewn into a herringbone pattern. The chartreuse shot cotton and natural linen look great together, the colors are hard to portray on the screen since shot cotton has a color-shifting ability depending on how you look at it due to differing colors in the warp and weft of the fabric.

Anyhoo, happy New Year to you all! and once little girl stops being so grouchy maybe my mind can wrap around the idea that another year has so quickly slipped by.