Month: February 2009

Bronzclay Pendant/Focal up on Etsy

This pendant/focal bead in Bronzclay was just listed on Etsy:


Trio of Hollow Formed and Mesh Beads of Bronzclay

These three pieces have an even more colorful patina than I had hoped for. It seems the more I fire, the more color I get. Here is the group pile.

Tomorrow I hope to have the time to play with the Copper Clay that my wonderful friend, Hayley, sent me. Hadar Jacobson has formulated her own Copper and Bronze Clay, it’s in powder form and you just mix however much you want. Hayley has given it rave reviews, I’ll give my thoughts once I have a chance to play.

Bronzclay Before Firing

Here is another pile of beads before going into the kiln- I just love how nice and clean they look before firing them, lol. Although these close-ups show that I need more sanding on some parts…Hope to have more pics tomorrow of the finished product.

Here is a closer look at some of the larger pieces.

Bronzclay Beads After Firing

Here is the group of my hollow formed beads after firing.

Had a little bit of buckling, not sure how this is to be avoided since the beads shrink so much. I’m very pleased overall, this is a style I want to revisit.

Here is the pile of beads all together.

And one of my favorite colors in bronzclay..goooold, so rich and pretty looking.

Bronzclay Hollow Formed Beads

While some of my Bronzclay beads are cooking in the kiln, I thought I’d show some of my hollow-formed beads that’s taken 2 days to complete- this is partly due to having a 6 month old and having to make these in steps.

There’s probably a way to cut my time down, I’ll have to experiment, I guess. Celie Fago I’m not, but I’m pretty proud of them.

They would’ve gone into the kiln with the others, except for the fact I would have been up til midnight waiting for the cycle to run its course before I could cool my kiln and take out the firing pan. This batch is for tomorrow morning since the firing will take approx. 10 hours to complete.