Month: April 2010

Closer to Fine

It was an Indigo Girls’ kind of day today and my space is almost finished- now the finishing touches such as putting my glass in its place and hooking up my equipment, etc. need to be done. Behold my fabulous new work space:I’ll be sure to get more photos of everything in its place by Monday- after some torching, of course. Have a creative weekend!


Progress w/ Garage Studio

The studio is coming along- the table is done and next comes the ventilation box and set-up. Things were changed midway, as many projects are. We had talked about switching the back door to one w/ a doggy door and using that as our vent, but I decided we use that door too often to have it stay shut. Instead the vent will run outside when I crack the garage door open and the make-up air will be the back door (the one in the garage, not the main house).Now to get ready for my son’s doctor appt. an hour away..maybe by this time tomorrow I’ll get my torch set up!

Back and (almost) in the Saddle Again!

Visiting family was a welcome relief from worrying about getting my studio finished. Got a hold of my contractor today and he should be by tomorrow to install everything! Keep your fingers crossed it is finished tomorrow because I’m itching to use some of the new silver glasses from Double Helix- like Clio and Terra 2. And the gorgeous murrini I got from DH and my wonderful friend, Hayley.
Not to mention getting back to making more hollows 😉


Leaving tomorrow to visit family that hasn’t seem my little man in more than a year. Praying that he behaves in the airport and sleeps thru most of the flights.

To customers that have contacted me for orders, I love you but my future studio space is still not complete due to my contractor having a family emergency, which has delayed me getting to torch and filling requests for beads. Many apologies for the delay and I hope to have this situation rectified, one way or another, by May 1st.

Garage Studio..Part I

First pics of future garage studio space. Planning to refresh the paint on the walls today and try and clean up around the space a little more since the electrical guy is coming tomorrow. Notice the perfect location of the fuse box! This will be saving me money since the electrician won’t have to run a bunch of wire for my kiln outlet.
One of the things I had to keep in mind was permanence- or lack thereof. Being married to a military man means we move every few years and this means my studio has to be easily dismantled and the space goes back to the way it was since this is a rental home.
My contractor should be making my tables and ventilation box this evening w/ set-up scheduled sometime tomorrow. We have a plan for ventilation since I’m sure you noticed there’s no windows..hopefully it’s easily set up as we planned.

To be continued..

Moooo-vin’ on Up

I heart Moo products, they always make my work look even better. The business cards go into each package getting sent out and anything over $50 gets a postcard, too, since they’ve gone over pretty well.
Have a Happy Easter, everyone! I hope to start taking progress shots of my studio getting put together since my contractor guy is going to give me an estimate and hopefully get started next week. Yahoo!