Month: March 2010

Big Daddy

The last few times at the torch I’ve been trying to work small, as you can see the smallest hollow bead is approx. 11x16mm. As customers keep asking if they could get smaller hollows, I thought it couldn’t be too hard to make them smaller…Yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore and my hands decided to try and make the biggest hollow yet- it measures in at 37x49mm, which is nearly 2 inches across. And this made me think what else I could make bigger- smaller sculptural focals, perhaps? Who knows, the big daddy took me more than 30 minutes on my Minor torch and it was a decidely delicate dance keeping it warm enough. It’s always nice to feel my creativity start to percolate and see new possibilities.


Etsy Update for March 23rd

Hoped to get some of these listed today, but life got in the way..between a sputtering car, cranky child and hubby getting ready to leave for 9 days hasn’t left me w/ much free time. Tomorrow I’ll be editing all the photos for the listings- so look for these to be listed sometime in the afternoon/evening.
My etching solution was uber-strong, I’d forgotten about that since I hadn’t bought new solution in a while. Next time, I know not to leave the beads in for much time.

Lotta WIP

I have lots to do this weekend before hubby is gone for a week- this is just some of it, lol. Resin is a pain in the bootay to photograph due to glare, etc. I’m still on the fence about Ice Resin, but ‘a carpenter can’t blame his tools’ so I’m going to do some more research and try try again. The beads need to be cleaned and etched..meh.
I hope to get this work listed next week..and I hear my little man crying, so much for that afternoon nap.

Etsy Update for Mar. 17th

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day?! I think I did a double take when I noticed the date- this year is already flying by. Been meaning to get more pics of beads posted, editing photos, etc. is a pet peeve and sometimes put it off too long and then it’s just overwhelming to go thru all the photos. Here are two sets that will be going up tomorrow morning on Etsy:I hear Pantone listed Turquoise as the color of the year, how fortuitous 🙂

Resin Redux

Resin is a tricky thing, at least for me. It seems that Murphy’s Law was in full effect each time I tried to use it. There would be micro bubbles- which I ended up compensating for by pouring a thin layer and blowing on the surface w/ a straw to pop them. Deeper settings should be done in thin layers if you have this problem..maybe my house is too cool- I’m 98% sure all my problems were user error.
These bezels weren’t as tricky since they’re shallow and bubbles were easily taken care of. My baby jar lid experiment did not go nearly as well..

Then I realized my surface wasn’t level and I didn’t have my saran wrap anchored as well as I thought since more than once a corner ended up on top of a piece, disrupting the wet resin.

*insert primal scream*

Later that night after I gave up and thought, ‘tomorrow is another day’, I broke a bead while I was moving stuff – that currently has no place to go- and yelled some very bad words since this current state of not having a place to work is driving me bonkers. Oh, how I need an Ikea closer than 3 hours away so I can get that awesome corner hutch I’ve been in love w/ for longer than I care to think about.
A trip to an antique store or some other shops may be in order this weekend.

I want to love you, resin, I really do.

Revving Up for Ice Resin

This is what I worked on today..not that pile of laundry or the counter tops that need to be cleaned off. Hmm, they’re not going anywhere but my resin should be arriving in the mail, tomorrow if I’m lucky, and had to have something ready to use! I had some Ice Resin and it has mysteriously disappeared..just like our 2G memory card for our camera- could be my forgetfulness or a mini person w/ sticky fingers…

Yes, those are baby jar lids that I spray painted matte black. Still need some work, but these are meant to be experimental prototypes, unless they turn out stupendous…then maybe into Etsy they will go.
It was such a beautiful day today and it felt like Spring was in the air w/ the chirping of the birds and the playful, balmy breezes.

Etching solution

VS.I just realized that I have NO etching solution, and that is unheard of for me since pretty much all of my beads get etched.

Arrow Springs etching crystals are preferred over etch-all for me- partly due to price, yes, and partly due to effectiveness. Etchall is nearly twice as expensive for a 16 oz. container. The Arrow Springs version is supposed to be less caustic also, which is nice since I use it (safely) so often. I still wear rubber gloves and use baking soda to neutralize before rinsing the beads clean. Which reminds me that I need to get a big container of baking soda…