Resin Redux

Resin is a tricky thing, at least for me. It seems that Murphy’s Law was in full effect each time I tried to use it. There would be micro bubbles- which I ended up compensating for by pouring a thin layer and blowing on the surface w/ a straw to pop them. Deeper settings should be done in thin layers if you have this problem..maybe my house is too cool- I’m 98% sure all my problems were user error.
These bezels weren’t as tricky since they’re shallow and bubbles were easily taken care of. My baby jar lid experiment did not go nearly as well..

Then I realized my surface wasn’t level and I didn’t have my saran wrap anchored as well as I thought since more than once a corner ended up on top of a piece, disrupting the wet resin.

*insert primal scream*

Later that night after I gave up and thought, ‘tomorrow is another day’, I broke a bead while I was moving stuff – that currently has no place to go- and yelled some very bad words since this current state of not having a place to work is driving me bonkers. Oh, how I need an Ikea closer than 3 hours away so I can get that awesome corner hutch I’ve been in love w/ for longer than I care to think about.
A trip to an antique store or some other shops may be in order this weekend.

I want to love you, resin, I really do.



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