Month: August 2011

Etsy Shop Update

Going to do a shop update real quick since we’re leaving again next week to visit more family. Thinking of just leaving the shop open and shipping what sells when we return in Sept. I’ve got tons more beads to photograph (really wish the pictures would just take themselves, lol).


life in general

Life regularly gets in the way of best intentions, here’s a recap of the last couple of months:

-hubby is home safe- yipppee!
-been scrabbling to get work ready for the Louisville Gathering for the ISGB.

-attended the Gathering for the first time, although I’ve been a member of the ISGB for 5 years.

-had a table at the Gathering and sold my work, how wonderously fabulous it was although I felt like a chicken running around w/o its head getting set was a tragic comedy of errors that probably had my booth mates shaking their heads at this frenetic and weird woman talking a mile a minute. (special thanks to Cherine and Hannah..and Mary and Barb, lol)

-met so many people I’ve admired for years and can’t wait to attend next year’s 20th Anniversary in Seattle.

-my baby boy turned 3!

-visited with my family.

here’s a few pics:

(blogger is fighting me, so this is all for now)