life in general

Life regularly gets in the way of best intentions, here’s a recap of the last couple of months:

-hubby is home safe- yipppee!
-been scrabbling to get work ready for the Louisville Gathering for the ISGB.

-attended the Gathering for the first time, although I’ve been a member of the ISGB for 5 years.

-had a table at the Gathering and sold my work, how wonderously fabulous it was although I felt like a chicken running around w/o its head getting set was a tragic comedy of errors that probably had my booth mates shaking their heads at this frenetic and weird woman talking a mile a minute. (special thanks to Cherine and Hannah..and Mary and Barb, lol)

-met so many people I’ve admired for years and can’t wait to attend next year’s 20th Anniversary in Seattle.

-my baby boy turned 3!

-visited with my family.

here’s a few pics:

(blogger is fighting me, so this is all for now)


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  1. Hey, that's my bead I bought in your hand, hee hee! The big one on the bottom. Love it, love your work. Thanks so much, I had a great tune at my first gathering in Louisville as well. Maybe I will get the courage to sell next year 🙂
    Steph Handermann

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