Month: December 2009

Playing with Photoshop

Oh, the possibilities!
Saw the frames on Zoa Art’s blog and decided to try it on the first pic I pulled up, I’m proud of myself for figuring it out and now want to try it on other things..back to the drudgery of sorting what to keep and what to toss out before our big move.

a hint of the doldrums

I’m bogged down w/ more than a hundred photos that need to be edited before I can list more beads..boooo. Luckily, I have some edited already from a few days ago and plan on listing these soon on Etsy.

We went to a friend’s house last night to celebrate her daughter’s 1st birthday. When we got back home, we did the bath and feeding for Z, put him down and he woke up screaming w/ a fever last night around midnight. Not sure if it was just teething or if he’s catching something, but the small bit of Tylenol and teething tablets seemed to help after a few minutes. If his teething is going to go anything like the last ones, he’ll be getting a couple (or four) more teeth in the next week or two.
Gotta run to Target to get a digital thermometer that works..grr..since the one last night failed.
On a good note, Z was a little prince last night around the two little baby girls- and no jealousy or fits thrown when I held them 🙂
Thankfully, he was very gentle w/ the girls and didn’t even get mad at Nat when she decided she loved his monkey head blankey, Althea. He would watch and wait until she wasn’t watching and take it back w/o getting upset, lol, it was so funny to watch. I can’t believe my little man is already 16 months, time certainly flies when they’re babies.