Month: June 2018

Bead & Button 2018

This year I was commissioned to make the Commemorative Bead for the 2018 Bead & Button Show. You can find me and my work at Booth 1241 on the Show floor. Come by and say hi!6C696D5A-39B6-4F49-8939-E14B310ECAE5I made over 200 beads! The beads wrapped around my neck is only half the commission. These are blown glass beads, made off mandrel and then tumble etched to take away the shine. Since they’re handmade, each bead has slight variations in color and size. 39B9E40B-9819-4324-90DE-FC90C0D92C62847B3403-BB47-4799-AFE0-B55169E7D8368911F4B3-C2E2-470E-8258-98393719B281The Bead and Button Show is this week starting tonight for registered attendees from 4-8 pm at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI. It’s open to the public from Friday to Sunday. Print this coupon for free admission to the show! FA75F77A-986C-4988-AF49-F08430561F81D7962259-4C2D-46F0-9D49-78E22398199E5C0BD300-5700-45C3-B363-A31AA5DF8AF258891F26-1330-4B50-AA8F-2AE6B2217475

Hope to see you there!