Month: October 2013

My first handmade soldered earrings

 Pretty excited to show you my first soldered lampworked earrings!
Made possible with Vickie Hallmark’s excellent tutelage. The bead was something I’d had for a while and couldn’t throw away even though it had a thermal crack running down the middle. I finished breaking apart the bead with a round file which made them perfect for a pair of earrings.
These probably took me a good 4-5 hours to make! Vickie’s studio was like being in tool heaven, I have a long xmas list of goodies for the studio. You won’t see me asking for expensive jewelry or clothes, just get me some tools!
My mind is a-whirl with new ideas, hope to get to them after the show and my first teaching gig next month.


Quick listing on Etsy

I hadn’t really planned on listing anything on Etsy since I’m madly scrambling to get enough inventory for BABE! next month. But..but! I’m in dire need of some new equipment in order to make something that I’ve been planning to use for some time. Obscure enough for ya?! This lovely lass of a bead will be going up shortly in my shop and will hopefully go to a good home.

Update for Etsy

 Sometimes I enjoy making a certain style or experimenting so often, that I forget customers like to see different styles in the shop. So I revisited my Cirque series and made a capped and cored hollow in more muted colors. Very autumnal, I suppose- and at a reduced rate! (didn’t see the slight imperfection on one of the top bead caps, grrr)

Did I mention I’ll be at BABE! this year? So stoked! Reeeally missed going last year and seeing all the lovely people. If you’ll be going, stop by and say howdy. The table assignments will be coming out soon, I’m sure, and I’ll let you know where I’ll be 🙂

New Gig and New Listings

 Can’t believe I forgot to blog/brag about my upcoming teaching gig! It will be at the fabulous Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, TX on the weekend of November 23-24th. Jim and Rose are pretty awesome people and I’m stoked that I’ll be teaching my first class in such a great environment. If you’re interested in signing up and learning all my secrets, just give them a call: 512-380-0770
 Also got a couple new listings posted to Etsy this morning:

Oh! and I’ll be at BABE! next month, too- woohoo! So many wonderful things coming up waaaay too soon.