Riveting Jewelry

Makes me want to try and do it, too. Etsy Treasury


Lotta WIP

I have lots to do this weekend before hubby is gone for a week- this is just some of it, lol. Resin is a pain in the bootay to photograph due to glare, etc. I’m still on the fence about Ice Resin, but ‘a carpenter can’t blame his tools’ so I’m going to do some more research and try try again. The beads need to be cleaned and etched..meh.
I hope to get this work listed next week..and I hear my little man crying, so much for that afternoon nap.

Revving Up for Ice Resin

This is what I worked on today..not that pile of laundry or the counter tops that need to be cleaned off. Hmm, they’re not going anywhere but my resin should be arriving in the mail, tomorrow if I’m lucky, and had to have something ready to use! I had some Ice Resin and it has mysteriously disappeared..just like our 2G memory card for our camera- could be my forgetfulness or a mini person w/ sticky fingers…

Yes, those are baby jar lids that I spray painted matte black. Still need some work, but these are meant to be experimental prototypes, unless they turn out stupendous…then maybe into Etsy they will go.
It was such a beautiful day today and it felt like Spring was in the air w/ the chirping of the birds and the playful, balmy breezes.

New Beginnings- Faux Bone

I’ve had this sheet of 1/8″ thick 8″x8″ sheet of Faux Bone glaring at me for weeks now and I couldn’t take it any more.

Although this is my first time using a jeweler’s saw on my own, I don’t think I did too bad..are you supposed to use beeswax when cutting faux bone? I didn’t, but may try it next time just to see if it makes a difference.
Still deciding on designs and colors but it is exciting to have a blank canvas like this that is easy on the wallet.

There is still lots of finishing to be done, hope to get one piece completed by the weekend.