Now Open for Business!

My Etsy shop is now re-opened for business. Many thanks for the loyal customers that gave me nudges to hurry up and list work, lol.
Hubby and I are working on getting a temporary studio set-up for me until we get electricity added to the future studio space. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be getting back on the torch for the first time in over a month- no wonder I’ve been so space-y, I’ve been going thru withdrawals 🙂
Planning to post some pics of new work going up on Etsy tomorrow.



  1. Sandra, I usually work bigger, but on occasion smaller beads are made 😉
    Minis are a different story..what size entails a 'mini'?
    Thanks, Libby!- I hope to one day make it to 3rd Degree and especially the Midwest Glass Experience. Looks like you guys had a blast.

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