We worked on setting up the studio in the backyard shed a lot more this weekend and was all set to go and then when I turned on the oxy con…what’s that saying- ‘the lights are on, but no one’s home’? Um, yeah..that about sums it up, lol. It turned on but the little ball that floats to show pressure didn’t move at all so that could mean a leak, a bad valve or new sieve beds are in order. Of course, the fact that we moved cross country and it was in a box for more than a month may have contributed to the problem, too >:/

Hobbies for Us is currently running a deal on a Devilbiss 515 for $250 w/ free shipping, so that’s what I decided to go with since my dead one ran well.
This whole process of setting up seemed like a comedy of errors. Before we realized the oxygen concentrator bit the dust, we were worried my ventilation fan was toast due to a bad rubbing sound of the metallic kind. Turns out we were setting it on the wrong side and as soon as we screwed it in correctly, no more noise. Whew. Ventilation, check.
Now all that’s needed is my new oxy con to arrive and move my glass in and organize. This is w/ an extension cord run from the house since I’ve had to give up on my recommended electrical guy that is supposed to be good but is dealing w/ family issues..so now I follow a new lead tomorrow and see if I can get a hold of someone for an estimate.
Apologies to customers who are waiting to see new beads, best laid plans and all that jazz. Maybe in a couple days I’ll have my feathers unruffled and will stop cringing from another unexpected expense.

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