More Beads…

These beads were finally found amongst a box gone rogue in the depths of the garage. I was beginning to get frantic thinking these and my metal clay supplies had been lost. We’re still settling in and rearranging things to suit us and we’ve yet to uncover the surface of my work desk so I can spread out and just … make.
Now I just have to await word from a customer to see which ones will be left to list on Etsy.
Ugh, Etsy- having a hard time getting the enthusiasm to reopen since I still don’t have my studio space set up. It will probably be a while since I need to find a reliable electrician to wire the space.

It is nice to see some fresh pics of my work, makes me itch to make more. And all that new silver glass is calling my name, taunting me.

We had a busy weekend besides it being Valentine’s Day, we celebrated hubby’s b-day and took care of the taxes- yahoo!
Happy creating 🙂


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