Enamel Sampler and Do-Overs

The Thompson Enamel Sample Pack for Med. Temperature Medium Expansion arrived in the mail on Friday and I immediately wanted to play around since my first attempt more than a year ago was..weak, to say the least. I usually have a hard time visualizing units of measurements. These packets are each around .5 oz. , usually .6 or .7 to account for the baggie I presume. Now, if I would’ve known on the website that they were each 1/2 oz. – it wouldn’t have meant much to me other than telling me it’s less than one whole ounce. So this is for other people like me who like to SEE what a measurement looks like, not just reading it 🙂 Hope that helps.

My Turquoise pendant used .1 oz. Theoretically, I could make another 5 in this size before running thru my sample baggie- not bad, eh? The box w/ opaque and transparent enamel cost less than $90 w/ shipping. There are A LOT of colors- no, I haven’t counted yet..but I will.

Oh, this red is so very luscious- Orient Red is one I’ll be reaching for quite often, no doubt.

This is just the opaque colors, haven’t done the transparents yet..

Enameling on Copprclay is next, got some pieces and just need to clean them up. I’m currently cleaning and reorganizing my studio and will post pics of the space and some beads once it’s done.



  1. super nice. me and my friend will try enamaling with torch fire, Barbara's course, soonish. Looking forward. Of coirse a lot nicer when you have made the components in copper your self.

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