Work, work, work

Trying to get the time to get all these listed is causing me a headache. About to head out of town for an appt. that will take most of the afternoon. Maybe tomorrow?
Argh, and all of these still need to be etched and photographed..maybe the in-laws won’t notice me slipping off while they admire the little man this next week?

And a closeup of a favorite bead.. still trying to figure out which color of coral it was.


  1. omg. i better make some cash, maybe host a sale in my shop. i need some of your beads. i am so in love.
    i'm off to raise some cash.
    I hope you get a chance to list them soon!

  2. Thanks so much! This heat is sucking my motivation away, but I'm planning to get some things listed by this evening- even if it's only one or two things 😉

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