A New Beginning

We made it cross country and we’re now settled in Fayetteville, NC. We found a nice house outside the city away from the crazy traffic and Z has a huge backyard that’s completely fenced in to run around and burn off his energy.
Here is the shed that I hope to make my studio- soon! It’s in our backyard and needs electricity added. It’s approx. 11’x11′ inside and about 75′ from the house and around 130′ to the meter box on the side of the house. I’m waiting on the guy that was recommended to me to come out and take a look before giving an estimate. It’s driving me crazy not having space to create, hopefully this will go smoothly and will soon be cranking out more beads, etc. 🙂
P.S. If anyone has advice, things to avoid, etc. I’d love to hear!
Oh, and I hope to get my Etsy shop opened soon, just gotta figure out which box my beads are in, lol.


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