Month: August 2009

In Love with Ekho

I must say that Double Helix’s newest silver glass, Ekho, is a new favorite for me. It is a striking and reducing glass, and it keeps wonderful iridescent effects under encasement. There are some particularly talented artists that have played around w/ success in getting different colors, etc. Hayley, Karolen and Steph are three that come to mind right away.

They were encased w/ Double Helix’s Aether clear which is only available once every few months since Jed and Julie have a stringent standard of quality- I got a half pound of seconds and wish I’d bought a pound or more since I’m blowing thru it at an incredible speed because it is such a nice clear. You would never know they’re seconds comparing them to other clears like Effetre or Diamond Clear.

Deets: These were Ekho encased opal yellow w/ dots of clear, reduced and then encased. Easy peasy! It’s so tricky to catch the iridescence.

Art Imitating Life

My puffy mandrels got here Friday and I played w/ them all weekend trying to emulate beach stone-ness by fuming glass- curdled dk. ivory that everyone was in a furor over when quantities were limited.. was it last year? How time flies!

Using these take a bit of getting used to in order for the bead not to be wonky when you puff a bit of air into the mandrel. But I suppose this is part of the sets’ charm since they are supposed to resemble beach stones, lol.
Hubby was nice enough to let me torch a few hours each day this weekend since our anniversary *7th* was yesterday. We hadn’t made plans for a babysitter in time so we stayed home and putted around.
You’ll have to let me know which you like better- etched or shiny.
*Ahem..Excuse me while I overload you w/ pics* 🙂

Thomas Mann in Monterey

I was fortunate enough to get an email letting me know that Thomas Mann would be at MPC in the library this evening for a meet and greet along w/ a presentation of his life’s work. He also had a bunch of gorgeous and unique jewelry alongside kits, books, etc. that we could purchase. I got an autographed book and a kit for making a Found Object Sandwich under his Studio Flux line of products. It was hard to narrow down what I wanted to get when there was so much eye candy! He was a wonderful speaker and my tension headache from being in a crowd of people I’d never met before was worth it. Now to pore over his book and think about what to make w/ my kit.

Translating Work from One Medium to Another

I can’t seem to get this design off my mind- finally realizing the significance of 3, Z makes our little family a trio.

Now I wonder if the design may pop a little more if the glass were etched..something to do later. Another thing I noticed while making this bead is that the stringer needs to be much thinner in order to get the same amount of detail similar to my faux bone pendant. Not that I want them to look exactly the same, but I’d have a little bit finer look in the details.
*Is that correct English, or did my Kentuckiana upbringing shine thru? lol. *

The deets: the focal base is ‘curdled’ ivory w/ stringer work of Double Helix’s new silver glass, Ekho. It was repeatedly heated and cooled while putting the stringer down and then finally briefly flashed in a reducing flame. I’m pretty sure regular Moretti Dk. Ivory would have curdled just the same since I had to repeatedly flash and cool while putting it back in my Kalera Long and Lean press to refine the shape.