Art Imitating Life

My puffy mandrels got here Friday and I played w/ them all weekend trying to emulate beach stone-ness by fuming glass- curdled dk. ivory that everyone was in a furor over when quantities were limited.. was it last year? How time flies!

Using these take a bit of getting used to in order for the bead not to be wonky when you puff a bit of air into the mandrel. But I suppose this is part of the sets’ charm since they are supposed to resemble beach stones, lol.
Hubby was nice enough to let me torch a few hours each day this weekend since our anniversary *7th* was yesterday. We hadn’t made plans for a babysitter in time so we stayed home and putted around.
You’ll have to let me know which you like better- etched or shiny.
*Ahem..Excuse me while I overload you w/ pics* 🙂



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