Milestones and COPPRclay

The last day of May and my son, Z, is now 10 months old- time is certainly flying.
Spent a good portion of the day on repair and finishing copper clay and copprclay pieces for firing. My cheesecloth bracelet should be finished sometime tomorrow, hopefully. I managed to get some Copprclay fired after discovering that my acid-washed charcoal fires w/ no problems.

The links will be a bracelet and the ovals, earrings. I’ve been fortunate and have had no sintering problems w/ Copprclay. Followed the firing guide that was on the info sheet that came w/ the package and fired a little bit longer since that’s what they recommend if you want to enamel. You can see the contrast nicely btwn the polished and untouched, it has a smooth working consistency and takes textures wonderfully. Overall, I’m very pleased w/ this new product and can’t wait to see what everyone else makes.


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