Giddy, Oh So Giddy

It’s here! I just checked the mail and my COPPRclay and extruder was waiting for me! So very exciting, can’t wait to rip it open and play..must wait til after feeding little man his lunch. Just from feeling it thru the package and looking at it thru the plastic makes me think it will smoother to work w/ than BRONZclay. Didn’t I read somewhere that Copprclay doesn’t need to be conditioned, unlike Bronzclay? Hmm, may have to do some quick searches online to find out.

On a not so giddy note, I’m not sure I’ve managed to sinter my pieces of copper clay from my previous posts- they still don’t sound like change clinking together (which is *one* of the ways I know the bronzclay sintered properly when I took it out) and I don’t want to test my nice pieces, I’ll have to dig out that one piece that I broke off from before.

I’m also going to take the plunge and try to make my own tear away textures, not sure why this has me so intimidated. Turns out we don’t have the glossy photo paper that I need, so now I’ll be making a run to Office Depot this afternoon.. maybe I’ll be able to make some nice ones and use them on my Copprclay 🙂


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