Hello and welcome! I’m a maker and mother of two, wife to an active duty service member. We’re currently stationed in Monterey, CA and I’m soaking up ocean views as much as possible.
My family has a long line of ‘make do and mend’-ers, so it’s no surprise lampworking caught my eye in 2005 and learned a new way to use my hands. I now do shows and teach all over the US.
My work has been in multiple publications such as The Flow, Glassline magazine, BeadworkRustic Wrappings and Bead Review 3.

In 2018, I was commissioned to make the Commemorative Bead for the Bead & Button show.

You can also see me on the PBS show: Beads, Baubles and Jewels hosted by Katie Hacker. It’s amazing to realize I have a recording on the same network as Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers!

This is also the place I chronicle my love of sewing a handmade wardrobe. Expressing myself through a handmade wardrobe is the height of creativity for me! This has also made me appreciate responsible and well crafted products from other makers, particularly woman-owned businesses.
Green beauty and wellness has recently caught my eye in the past year as I made the decision to grow out my grays and take better care of my body. I’ll be posting some of my favorite finds and what has worked for me.

A year into growing out my grays!


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  1. Hi, Kim- I’ll be sending out the class supply list by mid-June, so everyone will have plenty of time to gather what’s needed. Looking forward to seeing you in Houston!

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