Love Affair w/ DH Odds

Double Helix has done it again with their recent batches of odd-lot silver glasses. I wasn’t able to get nearly as much as I’d have liked since we’re about to move and hubby has been keeping his eagle eye on me so I don’t buy anything thru the mail, lol. I did get some Aether which is absofreakin’lutely amazing, it’s like butter and melts so clear w/ no scumming or boiling. I have two of the KA oddlots to show, KA 356:

I love the pinks I was able to get- it wasn’t difficult- but it easy to overwork or overheat while encasing that causes this glass to go more gold- which can also be interesting. I made the base bead in KA 356, let it strike slightly, then put it back in a neutral flame (which caused some slight reduction and streaks which reminds me of how Ekho works). At this point I turned down the oxygen and turned up the propane so the candles were about an inch and a half, and quickly flashed the bead until I saw the iridescence. Let it cool slightly and encase in Aether. While encasing, be careful you don’t work too hot, slow and cool wins the race w/ this glass.

KA 360:

Worked similarly as KA 356, w/ a slightly more reducing flame and longer exposure therein. Encasing a red transparent w/ this glass and using Aether seems to bring out more green tones.

My talented friend, Hayley, has recently posted pics of other odd lots- plenty of eye candy, go check it out 😉


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