BABE! 2009 Booth Photos

BABE! was fabulous and I sold most of my inventory- yiiippeee! Everyone was wonderful and I got to meet so many creative and friendly people- customers and other vendors. My table mate, Mary Tarara, had a gorgeous set up which I didn’t get pics of, to my shame. Hayley and Helen, Sadie, Toni L., and so many others were there w/ their beautiful work. A group of us ate out after Saturday’s show at Tamarindo a few blocks away and it was mind-blowingly delish! I hearted the Mulitas..yum-0!

I’m exhausted today since I had to drive 2 hours last night after the show to get home. I hope to get some work listed on Etsy in the next day or two once I get back into the swing of things.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful customers who bought my work, I’m thinking of doing this show again next year thanks to you ;)….of course, I’ll have to bring a lot more beads, lol!



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