Little Details

I’m still busy getting ready for the show *in less than two weeks, eeek!* and it’s crazy how much stuff you have to take care of besides just making product to sell. I got an imprinter and short receipts so I can take credit cards and have been playing around this morning w/ signage for my Etsy shop since it was uber outdated. I’ll probably tweak it or just toss it and do something totally different for my show, but it was good for me to brush up on my skazillz – or lack thereof, lol- with Photoshop. (I’d be happy to take any constructive criticism 🙂 )Some of us Beady Gals got together on Saturday and gabbed, ate delicious food and got down to business on pricing, etc. for the show. I still need to decide how I want to do pricing on my work- tags, stickers, or…
I also got to see Lori and she showed some of her fabu! murrini that she sells in her shop. I can’t wait to try mine.
More posts to come once more progress is made. 🙂


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