Lynda Moseley(SC Diva) Jewelry w/ my Beads

Lynda Moseley is a recent customer who used some of my beads in her jewelry. She sells her gorgeous polymer clay pendants and jewelry on Etsy. I’ve long admired her polymer clay transfer pendants since they predominately have a botanical or nature theme, which I love! Here are just a few pics of her work using some of my beads:
Here is the link to one post on her blog where you can see more pics 🙂



  1. Aja, I just came across your blog post about my necklaces this morning! You must think me so rude for not commenting. I promise, my Momma raised me better than that!

    So, belatedly, thank you so much for the feature. I am truly inspired by your fabulous talent. It means a lot to hear you say you like my work as well. I'm honored, and thrilled to be included in your blog!

    I've got to google my name more often, who knows what I've been missing? 🙂

    Thanks again, my friend!

    Happy Holidays,

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