Updating Etsy Shop- Listings for Sept. 3rd

These are the sets I plan to list on my Etsy today- time willing. My favorite would have to be the large choco-cream set. It has some of the new Effetre colors mixed in: Sediment, Sandstone, and the smallest hollow has stringer work in Okey Dokey Artichokey. I can see myself playing w/ these new colors quite a bit since they’re nice and earthy neutrals. Dk. ivory stringer stands out nicely against Sediment, it didn’t spread too much like Ivory is prone to do on some bases- so it kept the details w/0 distorting or discoloring.



  1. Your beads are truly stunning. Way to go!!!
    Thanks for sharing that the beads are made with some of the new colors like sandstone and sediment. I love earth tone colors and will have to get some of these.

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