Fired Crash Test Dummies- Bronzclay

My first foray into open shelf firing for hollow forms in Bronzclay did not go too well as you can see in the photos. I’m wondering if bronzclay is more prone to cracking during this type of firing? I noticed a lot of peeling and some cracking while firing my friend’s pieces this way last week..maybe it needs a slower ramp or a lower firing temp to burn the binder? I’ll probably just go back to my slow ramp/long firing schedule since I usually just fire them overnight and the time it takes makes no difference since I’m sleeping.
There were wonderful colors from the firing, although I sweat all over my fern piece since I strung it quickly onto a necklace w/ my ‘beach pebbles’ to wear for our monthly NorCal SGB meeting- this time at BAGI. I got to make a blown glass flower, can’t wait to get it next month. Boy was it hot, though- hence the sweating.



  1. Interesting that it would crack there. My experience is that bronze is more prone to cracking anywhere there is a hint of a crack. Maybe that includes the crevices at the sides of your slip work. I wonder what would happen if you made the shoulders rounder?

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