Enamel Experiments

I’ve had these pieces for more than a week waiting to be photographed. They’re by no means professional, but I wasn’t expecting much for my trial run w/ enameling. It was fun to play and get a feel for the process. The colors used were: bitter, cobalt and I believe the red was oriental red. The sample enamel kit is from Whole Lotta Whimsy and is a good way to learn before investing too much money. There are 12 colors in my kit and most of them are more primary/ bright than I normally would use since I love muted/tertiary colors. It is worth it though since I don’t know what I’m doing exactly, lol, and if I mess up it’s no big deal. These were pieces snipped from a thinner gauge of copper sheet I had laying around. I didn’t think to bring some pieces of copprclay to play w/- next time.
I practiced sgraffito and I think the reason my pieces look so mottled is that I didn’t let my white liquid enamel layer dry completely. What can I say, I was on borrowed time since my wonderful neighbor was watching Z for a few hours so I could try enameling.
Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of my faux bone pieces I’ve also had sitting around for more than a week..



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