More Carving on COPPRclay

I was hoping to have at least one of my faux bone pendants done to show for Monday, looks like I may get it done Monday evening or Tues morning. Carving metal clay and sawing out pieces of faux bone for pendants, etc have taken up my free time this weekend.

It does seems slightly easier to carve into freshly dried clay rather than one that’s been laying around for weeks. Taught myself to rivet tonight also while trying to get one pendant put together, here’s to getting more finishing done tomorrow.

These pics were hard to get right due to the reflection from the polished copper. I hope you can at least see some of the detail- should be much easier to see tomorrow when I hope to add some color, etc. to the surface.

Had an unfortunate accident w/ my diamond shaped number 9 pendant while polishing- it is somewhere in the dark abyss of my studio.. Which reminds me of a joke:

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9!

Maybe it will show up in the light of day tomorrow. One can always hope.


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