Copper Clay Bracelet

This bracelet has been weighing on my mind for a week now and I finally made myself finish it and get it cleaned up.

Just ignore those scorch marks on the left piece, it seems my warmer gets a little too hot and almost toasted my card on which was resting my link. I was too impatient to let it air dry since I was finally in the mood and free time is rare w/ a 9 and a half month old to corral.
There are things I have learned for next time- such as trying to avoid the warpage factor when drying since this makes it difficult to get the hinges to line up correctly. Especially when the links themselves have a curve. Guess I should’ve made a list earlier while I was working- I seem to have forgotten the others..
I am excited to try making my own tubes w/ the Makin’s extruder, oh, the time that will be saved, lol. ‘Cause I’m all about saving time as the girls from class can attest. Hadar showed us her bag o’ tubes that can be cut to size for hinges or bails- very smart, I say.
Speaking of smart, Hadar also mentioned how it’s a good idea to number your links when you’re working so you can make your hinges fit correctly.

Ah, I just remembered another thing for next time…make sure the clasp is on straight!

These pieces are in the kiln right now and lordy, lordy I hope they fire ok- keeping my fingers crossed.


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