Some Pretties for the Weekend

I’ve been neglecting the blog- I’m using the overcast weather as an excuse and the dread of seeing hubby leave two months for training. So I thought I’d make myself feel better and browse other people’s pretties, lol. Here are some that made it into the mosaic:

1. Lola Earrings in Aqua Blue, 2. Neckpiece #2: Stamen Series, 2004, 3. last renaissance necklace, 4. Octopus Necklace, 5. winethreads1107up, 6. Shade Garden, 7. rgc, 8. E434- Winter Branches, 9. Flower Adorned Lotus Petal Hoops, 10. Pomegranate Necklace, 11. boat.cone.2 shell necklace, 12. Ovals Bracelet, 13. hibiscus, 14. retrorganic, 15. filligree heart 2 flip side, 16. Art Nouveau Initial pendant – letter A


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