First Try with Bronzclay

These Bronzclay pieces are in their leather-hard state and about to be fired. They dried over night and I used approx. 50 grams of the clay. I’ve been wanting to try this medium since it’s more economical than PMC- which I’ve been too chicken to try out and mess up. The videos posted online at were very helpful and kept mistakes on my part to a minimum.

Unfortunately for me, living in an old house makes it hard not to trip a circuit breaker when we have too many things plugged in and running. Hard lesson learned this afternoon when it was tripped ThReE times due to the kiln going higher than my usual annealing schedule. We finally just plugged into the shed outlet and that seemed to work. Turns out bronzclay is as finicky as advertised since mine was not fully sintered. I plan on seeing if these pieces can be refired and sintered properly. The color is a nice old gold that is matte in appearance.


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