Getting Ready for B.A.B.E.!

It always comes around so quickly- it’s already November which means the BABE!show in Oakland, CA this Sat. from 10-6 and Sun. from 10-5pm.
Here is a printable coupon code for $2 off admission, would love to see you there!

Here is a quick pic of a few beads I’ve been working on:

Yummy handful of metallic hollows. For BABE next weekend. #bighollows

Ready for capping and coring. #bighollows

Most of my work has be packed already, since I’m trying to be less of a procrastinator and hopefully less stressed by the time I fly out Wed. morning. Quick prayer that my hubby doesn’t go crazy with kids the 5 days I’m gone.

In an effort to get a little sewing in when possible, here are of couple shots of my recent makes that made the cut:

nov 7 moneta dark blue

This dress is soooo comfy, and I’m curious to know what would happen if I didn’t hem the neckline- does top-stitching serve a purpose for more than decoration in the Moneta pattern? The color is lovely, an inky blue that I got from Girl Charlee nearly a year ago, in Prussian Blue. This is a size Lg. and I added 8 inches to the skirt since it’s getting pretty chilly ’round these here parts. I noticed some looseness around the armholes, need to tweak that for next time.

nov 2 simplicity 1377 pants collage blue jacket

nov 2 simplicity 1377

These Simplicity 1377 pants are View A in a corduroy I had in my stash that had been languishing for more than a year. It’s a great color that incorporates well into my wardrobe, but was a bad choice for a wearable muslin. I sewed a 16, but for some reason made the waist 18, which was not necessary- especially since the waistband is elasticized. It must have a LOT of ease built in around the legs and hips since they’re so loose and comfy…but not very flattering as a trouser-ish pair of pants. They’d make a great pair of pj pants, I would just need to add a few inches to the length. They scream ‘mom pants’ to me, and I’d like to get around to skinnny-ing them and taking in some of the puff when I get back from CA.

Speaking of California, I plan to hit up Britex Fabric in SF while I’m in the area, woot! I was blown away last year by their wall of color coordinated fabric on the main floor. Can’t wait to go back and make more informed fabric choices. So thankful that my friend Joy is willing to squire me about. Once we get to Oakland on Friday, I may try and swing by A Verb for Keeping Warm. It looks and sounds delightful.

I’ll be updating my teaching schedule in the upper right corner of the home page, these are the only classes currently scheduled for 2015.

Bloglovin and a Sewing Project

You can follow me on Bloglovin, if you’re so inclined. I’m loving having a list of the blogs I follow in one email I can quickly scroll through each morning!

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I’m also happy to finally have some photos of my Frankenpattern dress that was a mash-up between Simplicity 1652 and Simplicity 1882.

I forgot to staystitch the back neckline and my yarn-dyed linen stretched out a little in the back. Still super comfy and eminently wearable. Princess seams are my new best friend and another dress is already being planned..perhaps one with sleeves.

mar 11 frankenpattern dress collage sleeveless mar 11 frankenpattern dress mustard sweater collage mar 11 frankenpattern dress mustard sweater

Publication, Teaching, and White Copprclay

IMG_5742 IMG_5743I’ve been remiss in not sharing my recent good news- I was in The Flow’s 9th Annual Women in Glass issue! Seriously awesome since not only was I fortunate to be included with other very talented ladies in the gallery, there is also a tutorial for my Mermaid Scroll Hollows.
Time got away from me this holiday season and New Year with family visiting, sick child, sick me, etc.

aug 8 reverb hollow 3 best

Another wonderful piece of news is that the ISGB Gathering booklets came out in digital format for members yesterday and I’ll be teaching two classes and presenting in Houston, TX July 16-20 2014. So much to get ready for!

Also. In about a month’s time I should be in Santa Cruz, teaching at Kiss My Glass on April 5 & 6th.

Then June 7 & 8th, I’ll be teaching at The Mandrel in Harbor City, CA. Other than these three venues, I currently have no other plans to teach in 2014. I’m planning to sell at the Bead Bazaar in Houston and again in Nov. at BABE!

feb 14 z99 hanging feb 14 z99 loose feb 14 z99 tied hand feb 14 z99 tied feb 14 z99 tied1

Here are the aforementioned Z-99 Hollows with White Copprclay bead caps. I love having more options for capping and coring my hollows. The next to last photo shows the large center bead with PMC Pro and a patina’d bead cap for comparison in silver tones. (You can click on the pic to enlarge!)

feb 14 new white copprclay lineup comparison3 feb 14 new white copprclay lineup comparison2 feb 14 new white copprclay lineup comparison

Here is a quick comparison: top/left is bronzclay that’s been tumbled and LOS’d, White Copprclay, tumbled White Copprclay, and PMC Pro. You can see how gray or pewter-y it looks next to PMC Pro- but it also reminds me of silver with a patina- guess it depends on how you look at it.

Very excited to get my hands on some more of this.

Can’t leave well enough alone. Lots o’ bead caps for hollows.

The bead caps and chain in the foreground are from Bills Struve’s new White Copprclay that is due to be released next month.
Meant to mimic silver, it reminds me of pewter and will go nicely with many of my beads!

feb 13 blue and mustard trio white copprclay1 feb 13 blue and mustard trio white copprclay feb 13 blue and mustard trio white copprclay handHad no problems firing- he recommends two stage firing if you’re working with thicker/3D pieces. I did an open air firing with the chains and pendants then covered them with carbon to finish sintering. Doesn’t matter which carbon you use- which is nice for me since I’m currently befuddled with which carbon is coconut and which is acid-washed.
For the rest of the bead caps, I did a slightly slower ramp and fired for two hours all in one stage. Still worked, was able to dap them with no problems.
Looking forward to getting more once it’s out!

Will post more capped and cored beads once I get photos- they look great against my Z99 hollows.

My first handmade soldered earrings

 Pretty excited to show you my first soldered lampworked earrings!
Made possible with Vickie Hallmark’s excellent tutelage. The bead was something I’d had for a while and couldn’t throw away even though it had a thermal crack running down the middle. I finished breaking apart the bead with a round file which made them perfect for a pair of earrings.
These probably took me a good 4-5 hours to make! Vickie’s studio was like being in tool heaven, I have a long xmas list of goodies for the studio. You won’t see me asking for expensive jewelry or clothes, just get me some tools!
My mind is a-whirl with new ideas, hope to get to them after the show and my first teaching gig next month.